Wine is our business

In the heart of the German Colony in Jerusalem lies an ancient Templar building. The structure was built in 1874 and was used as a winery and wine cellar where wine was manufactured and exported to Europe.

The Wine Temple was established in this unique building to make the vast world of wines accessible to everyone.

We showcase Israeli wines ranging from boutique wineries to large producers, as well as wines from the best kosher wineries around the world. We offer wine flights and workshops, host events and provide wine tasting services. 

The Wine Temple is the perfect place for your private parties and special events.


In light of Covid-19, we have not yet returned to full activity. 

The place is open for events only.

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Wine flights are an excellent way to quickly master the art of wine tasting. Selected wines by our sommeliers, tasted side-by-side. This tasting reveals the subtle differences that you might have otherwise missed, which is why the experience is so educationally compelling.  


Upcoming Events

  • ערב הטעימה העיוורת שלנו חוזר
    25. feb. 2020, 20:00
    The Wine Temple, Emek Refa'im St 8, Jerusalem, Israel
    ביום שלישי, ה-25/02 בשעה 20:00, נקיים ערב טעימה עיוורת שבו נחגוג את הזן החורפי שמשתלב נפלא באקלים הישראלי.



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