Wine Flights

Wine flights are an excellent way to quickly master the art of wine tasting. Selected wines by our someliers, tasted side-by-side reveals the subtle differences that you might have otherwise missed, which is why the experience is so educationally compelling.  

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  • The perfect opening bundle for your Pesach Seder

    45 min

    400 Israeli new shekels
  • The next staget of the Pesach Seder

    45 min

    650 Israeli new shekels
  • The ultimate 450 KM Pesach Experience

    45 min

    958 Israeli new shekels
  • The perfect opening flight for the beginning wine lover | פלייט הפתיחה...

    45 min

    95 Israeli new shekels
  • The Horizon flight takes a deeper look into Israeli wine | מבט עמוק יו...

    45 min

    125 Israeli new shekels
  • A unique selection of Cabernet Sauvignon from Israel | קברנה סוביניון ...

    45 min

    175 Israeli new shekels
  • Select wines from around the world | יינות נבחרים מכל העולם

    45 min

    150 Israeli new shekels
  • Enjoy sampling the Galil Mountain Wines and learning about their earth...

    45 min

    150 Israeli new shekels
  • 2 hr

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